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IPMS Östergötland is a branch of the International Plastic Modellers Society. We meet once a month in the Swedish Air Force Museum in Linköping, Sweden to build, discuss and show our scale models.
Plastic scale modelling is not longer as widespread as it was some deacades ago, but it has evolved in many ways. Today’s modeller has a wider range of objects to choose from and the quality and detail is much better. The same goes for the range of accessories and materials and also the techniques used by modellers today.
And even though modelling is an ”analogue” hobby, the digital revolution has helped modellers in many ways. There are loads of communities on the internet where modellers meet, giving each other feedback, knowledge and refereces for their builds.

Feel free to contact us via this form and we will try to answer shortly. (Namn = name, E-post = e-mail, Kommentar/fråga = Comment/question)

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